Oversite Productions began as a full service unit video production company specializing in remotely piloted aerial systems. With wide ranging equipment experience and market understanding, we have expanded our operations to include photogrammetry, construction surveys and utilities site inspections, sysytems validation testing and many more drone applications.

Along with aerial image capture for commercial and broadcast content, OSP pilots have conducted numerous research program flights for government agencies, universities and commercial developers seeking skilled operations assistance and oversight. Out team of pilots and flight services professionals assure your project will be effective, efficient, lawful and safe. There are no shortcuts taken, no passing the buck, and never any illicit or illegal operations condusted, so you can rest easy that your company is in full compliance, and your people, assets and corporate reputation are secure.

Our FAA licensed crews and mission dedicated equipment assures our clients the safest, most efficient UAV operations with a range of air frames with diverse capacities. From our proprietary heavy-lift UAV built to handle feature grade camera packages, to our smaller, more agile middie and micro units for close range light camera system capabilities.